Our Vision

To become the most sought after Brokers in India in the field of Insurance and Risk Management.

Our Mission

To provide and increase the awareness of insurance and risk management to both commercial and retail customers by being fair, reasonable and transparent. We are instructed by the client, and at all times, act on behalf of the client. We are not agents of the insurance company. Therefore we ensure that the clients gets all the following benefits :



We can arrange all the insurance and risk protection you need. We try to identify your needs in one-go and develop a comprehensive insurance proposal for you.



Being a broker, we have a daily and regular interface/contact with many insurance companies, and we have updated knowledge in the filed of insurance. We share this knowledge with you throughout.



We deal directly with most insurance companies, and can present your risks in the most effective way. We can move in the market to obtain competitive terms and costs, and then suggest a contract which best fits your needs.



We are helping our clients reduce risks through our suggestions on modern risk management procedures and systems, thereby reducing their price of insurance with considerable cost savings.



We are bound by Code of Conduct and Professional standards as per IRDA guidelines.