Two Wheeler Insurance

Two wheeler insurance is an insurance policy for two wheelers that provides protection from any liability or damage to an individual or property (such as a scooter, motorcycle, moped etc.). It protects and covers the cost of damage to vehicle due to unforeseen incidents such as accidents, man-made or natural calamities, theft etc.

Two Wheeler insurance policies can be of two types:

Insurance companies offer a range of policies to suit different requirements. Owners of two wheelers can choose a policy that best suits their budget and requirements. Insurers in India offer customers two types of two wheeler insurance, which are explained below:

  • Liability Only Insurance:
  • As the name suggests, liability only insurance provides insurance coverage in case of damage caused by the insured vehicle to a third party. Third party insurance is compulsory under Indian law and all two wheelers are required to have this form of insurance. Liability only insurance covers the legal cost arising out of damage resulting in personal injury, property damage or death to a third party due to the insured vehicle. .

  • Comprehensive Insurance Policy
  • Comprehensive two wheeler insurance provides coverage for third party liability as well as protection for the insurer which includes damage to the vehicle arising out of natural and man-made calamities as well as coverage for the owner and rider. Comprehensive bike insurance provides complete protection in the event of an accident resulting in partial or total damage to the insured vehicle. It also covers the owner and the co-rider (if included as an add-on) through personal accident cover.


    • Electrical/Mechanical breakdown.

    • Damage caused by a person driving without a valid license

    • A person under the influence of drugs or alcohol is driving.

    • Damage or loss arising out of war, nuclear risk or mutiny.

    • Wear and tear of parts like tyres and tubes is not covered.

    Benefits of two wheeler insurance:

    • Covers loss or damage occurred to the insured due to accidents.

    • Covers loss or damage to the vehicle due to accident, theft, self-ignition, fire, explosion, riots, and natural calamities.

    • Covers financial liability occurred due to loss or damage to third party or third party property.

    • Transfer up to 60% of your existing No Claim Bonus (NCB) from any other two wheeler insurance provider.

    Add-on covers for two wheeler insurance

    • Roadside Assistance: provides roadside assistance if an insured get stranded on the road due to engine breakdown or accident. Insured can call the insurer and request for mechanic on location.

    • Zero depreciation cover: when this cover is applied, the depreciation of sub parts of two wheeler is waived of completely and insured can apply for higher amount of claim.

    • Accidental cover: this add-on is provides the cover if the insured is driving the vehicle and even also covers if paid driver is driving the vehicle. The insurance company will pay a lump sum amount to the paid driver in case of injury or death at the time of accident